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Landscaping is crucial to giving your house the curb appeal it deserves. Though, outdoor projects are never quite done. It seems like over time our yards really do change just like the seasons. Wood borders rot, plastic borders come up, block borders move and become out of alignment. Rocks or mulch in the beds need to be refreshed. The amount and number of tasks is endless. Kalamazoo Lawn Care can either get your landscaping back in shape or provide proactive maintenance to keep it from falling in disrepair. We provide cost effective solutions to landscaping projects that will impress your neighbors and your wallet. 

A nice landscape with a bench.

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Keep you landscape looking it’s best by hiring Kalamazoo Lawn Care’s professional crew to tend to all your home’s landscaping needs. We keep your yard clean and in tip-top condition. We will provide you with exceptional value at a low cost!

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