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It’s that time of year again where the beautiful white stuff starts falling from the sky. For those of use who love the outdoors in the winter time, the first snow can be a beautiful sight. Then again it is also a reminder of the hours of work ahead of us shoveling out of those awesome west Michigan lake effect snow storms. Kalamazoo Lawn Care will have our snow removal service prepped and ready for that first snow even if you are not! We provide snow plowing service for the driveways and will shovel or snow blow other areas including sidewalks and porches. Ice on sidewalks become a liability for homeowners. If someone slips and falls, you can end up being on the hook for expenses. Be sure to inquire about our salt and deicing service to get rid of the ice on your driveway, sidewalks and porches that can lead to slip and falls.


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We will provide you a quote for the entire season. This gives you peace of mind knowing your snow removal needs are fully cared for, no matter the weather.

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Our quote to you will be on a cost per visit. There will only be a charge for the times that we provide service.

While I am very thankful of the city/county snow plow drivers that clear my street after it snows, I also end up cursing them in the same breath. All the snow from the street has to end up somewhere, and that somewhere ends up being at the end of our driveway and around our mailboxes. The postal service asks for 10ft of clearance around your mailbox for safe easy mail delivery. As part of our snow removal service or on an ad-hoc basis we can clear the snow from around your mailbox to ensure the postal service will continue to deliver your mail.
Whichever option you choose, our snow removal service plans can be customized to fit your needs. We are happy to provide that full service including salting and sidewalks. Or maybe you are just interested in having your driveway plowed. Whatever the case, we are happy to discuss what snow removal service best fits your needs.

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