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Trees, shrubs and bushes are a beautifying element of your yard. Like your grass, trees, shrubs and bushes grow throughout the year. Proper pruning keeps up curb appeal of one of your most valuable assets, your home. It can take expensive specialized equipment to keep everything in your yard pruned and looking its best. Our professional crew has the tools and experience to provide cost efficient solutions to your tree, shrub and bush pruning needs.

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Trimming and Pruning Services

Trees: When trees grow too close the house, or start to touch the house, they can provide and avenue for bugs and animals to get on the house. Branches too close or touching the house will also make noice in the wind and can scratch the siding which could lead to costly repairs. We are able to trim branches away from the house as well as low hanging branches.

Shrubs, Bushes and Hedges: Sculpted hedges, bushes and shrubs are the finishing touches for a beautiful landscape. They keep your home’s curb appeal looking picture perfect. Regularly pruning of your home’s shrubs, bushes and hedges is important to stop overgrowth and keep things looking their best.

Whether it’s tree trimming or pruning your bushes, hedges or shrubs we clean up and remove all trimmings leaving no trace that we were there. Call us today to sign up for regular maintenance or one time service.

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